Mineral Water Treatment System
Mineral Water Treatment System
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Mineral Water Treatment System

Mineral water treatment system features a filtering accuracy of 50000~10000 (molecular weight), which allows the filtering of suspending particles, dust, particles, organic chemicals, unpleasant taste, bacteria out of raw water and make sure that the raw water complies with the standard of mineral water or pure water.
Based on different raw water types, you can choose from multi-medium filter, active carbon filter and 5um &1um guarding filter as beforehand filter equipment.
Range of use: Food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical processing industry, chrome plating industry, water and wastewater treatment industry etc.
The capacity: 1000~100000LPH.
Functions and Features
1. SS304 stainless steel material is adopted as its raw material. Meanwhile, it is produced with a special opening design, which gives a clear display of water production and convenient maintenance.
2. High quality UF membrane treatment crafts is introduced with a high callback ratio of 85% at least.
3. Safe and reliable electrical system design: The water treatment equipment will be automatically stopped when there is open circuit, short circuit or electric circuit leakage. 
4. Intelligent circuit design: When the water level is higher than the max. limit, or lower than the min. limit, the equipment will be automatically stopped. 
5. UF membrane be cleaned out by medicament manually ,which can easily protect UF membrane.
Technical Parameters
Model JND UF 1000
Capacity of pure water 1000-10000LPH
Power Supply AC220V/AC380V/415V±5% 50Hz/60Hz
Callback Ratio ≥85%
Rated Operating Pressure 0.3Mpa
Temperature of Raw Water 1-45℃
PH of Raw Water 1-14
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