POU & Bottled Water Dispenser
POU & Bottled Water Dispenser
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POU & Bottled Water Dispenser

The POU and bottled water dispenser is designed in a smart, exquisite, and popular fashion. It can be used for barreled water or tap water. The POU and bottled water dispenser adopts ultraviolet ray in filtrating, purifying, and sterilizing of tap water, so the water is surely safe to drink. The cleanness of the inside of the machine will be ensured by the lustration examination technology, while the food rank material also increases its safety.

To make your life convenient and easy, the POU and bottled water dispenser is embedded with inner microprocessor. After a few buttons pressed, the precise temperature and volume setting functions will do all the jobs to provide you with drinkable water at any temperature in a short time, and the water will only be boiled once. It also comes with the function of drawdown pre-setting and reservation to power on, pause break, and off.

To eliminate any safety risks, the POU and bottled water dispenser has kids lock function to avoid children being scalded. Thanks to the intelligent dual protection technology against dry burning, no accident can ever have the chance to occur.

With a stylish appearance, the water dispenser offers you several color choices. They are black, silver, red, blue, and yellow.

Technical Parameters
Model YLR-7 YLR-8
Construction difference Ebullition mode Source water is dirctly heated or cooled
Electrical Character Voltage 220V (single-phase) 220V
Frequency 50 HZ 50 HZ
Rated Electricity 5 A 5 A
Boiling Water System Rated Calefaction Power 1000w
Refrigeration System Water Tank Capacity 1.2 L 1.0 L
Refrigerate Water Mode Electronic cooling Compressor cooling
Rated Cooling Power 70 W 85 W
Construction Boiling water is cooling Source water is directly cooled
Cooling Temperature 6-25 4-25
Heat preservation System Water Tank Capacity 1.2L 1.0L
Heat Preservation Power 300w 1,000w
Construction Boiling water is reserved temperature Source water is directly heated
Boiling Water Holding Temperature 65-98 65-98
Sterilization System Ozonizer 9w 9w
Medium for Avoiding Waterproof High energy magnet High energy magnet
Flooding Hydraulic Pressure 0.02-0.8 MPa 0.02-0.8 MPa
Water Value Interface 2 fen 2 fen
Dimensions (mm) 350*350*400 460*385*465
Weight 8 KG 16.55KG
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