Self Adhesive Sticker Bottle Labeling Machine
Self Adhesive Sticker Bottle Labeling Machine
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Self Adhesive Sticker Bottle Labeling Machine

TP labelling machine is suitable for labeling for various round or square bottles or cans like PET bottle, drug bottle, salad oil bottle, wine bottle, soy bottle, etc.
Features of Round Bottle Labeling Machine

1. The machine body is made of ss304 stainless steel and anodically treated aluminium alloy. 
2. Labelling head is driven by stepper motors. 
3. Japan or Germany imported photoelectric electric eyes are equipped. 
4. PLC control + human-machine interface + sixty-suite memory units are equipped. 
5. The machine is easy to operate, so few operators are needed. Operated by one person is possible. 
6. Other functions like bottle position correction, bottle management, counter and label ironing are all available. 
7. Adjustable label position, height and angle, etc. 
8. Conveyor is also available while used in production lines.

Warm Suggestion 
You can find a complete production line for beverage and wine/beer production factories, which is composed of: 
bottle filling machines + labelling machines + shrink packaging equipment (for collective packaging of canned or bottled products)

Technical Parameters of TP-630
Model TP-630
Label size width 10-130mm(length no limit)
Labeling Accuracy ±1 mm
speed 2000-32000BPH
power AC220V/380V-50/60HZ
Bottle diameter φ10-90mm
Other Special order
Technical Parameters of TP-650
Model TP-650
Label size width 10-130mm; Length(20-200)
Labeling Accuracy ±1 mm
speed 0-25m/min(free adjustable)
power AC110V/220V-50/60HZ
Bottle diameter φ100-300mm
Other Special order
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